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Annette Taylor

Annette Taylor

Owner | Cake Artist

TaylorMade Cakes & Sweets | Established 1984

    My passion and excitement for baking and decorating cakes started in 1984 when I created my very first cake for my oldest son’s first birthday.

Back then the fancy name of SMASH CAKE wasn’t even coined yet, but my first cake was a smash cake and it was a hit!

It wasn’t anything fancy, a round cake iced with a huge #1 on it with Happy Birthday Stephen handwritten across the bottom and 1 candle for him to blow out.

    Seeing the joy on his face that day gave me a desire to make every birthday, wedding, and anniversary super special with a handmade gift straight from my heart for each of my four children.

I have been blessed to fulfill that desire over the years with hundreds of cakes, not only for my kids and grandkids, but for others very special days too.

I have been a Certified Wilton Method Trained Instructor since 1995 and been in business for over 25 years.

    TaylorMade Cakes & Sweets has evolved over the years into a Custom Bakery Shop  where everything is Pre -Ordered and freshly baked for your event.

We Specialize in creating custom-made treats and desserts for Corporate Branded Gifts, Birthdays, Weddings, and also offer Dessert Catering for Parties & Events.

We are based out of West Haven, Utah. 

I look forward to designing and creating  a very special cake just for you on your special day.

Thank you for your business!