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HEALTH IS WEALTH 365 Health Recovery Challenge

 The Health Is Your Wealth-  Health Recovery Challenge ONLINE COURSE was created as a result of the declining health of my clients seen over the years.
In today’s society it seems like we are getting sicker and sicker as a result of the toxic world we live in. Due to these health hazards we are seeing a decline in our health which is the opposite  of when I  was growing up.
Some choices we have no control over, but there are plenty of choices we CAN control.

The 365 Day Program Challenge is designed to rebuild your body’s NUTRITIONAL FOUNDATION from the bottom up. Because this program is for the individuals who are struggling with obesity and weight loss problems, due to complicated health issues.As a result we can help you take control of your own health and learn how to maximize your full health potential.

From Nutritional Deficiency to Full Health Recovery

We take you from Nutritional Deficiency to Full Health Recovery using all natural means to repair the nutritional damage and also heal the body. The challenge includes the most updated educational materials and most noteworthy new information on the how’s and why’s of good health. Especially relevant are quality nutrition, supplementation, exercise, and new healthier lifestyle habits, as a result you will see a huge improvement in your quality of life.

THE 365 Day Program

~Phaze 1 – Nutritional Deficiency Analysis (includes Supplements)
~Phaze 2 – 8 Point Health Check
~Phaze 3 – Personalized Nutrition Class (includes class manual)
~Phaze 4 – Exercise with our exclusive FITT-TRAX Exercise App. and Customized Workouts
~Phaze 5 – Healing Health Issues
~Phaze 6 – Lifestyle Management & Learning Library

Our customized Health Repair Kits help resolve each of these health issues and many others not listed here.
Our goal is to help you achieve a Full Health Recovery because we know you want to be healthy and as a result live medication free.

Full Health Recovery
Weight Loss
Adrenal Fatigue
Leaky Gut Syndrome/Candida
Diabetes Type 2
Hormone Imbalance

Your true wealth lies in your health. When you are healthy you can enjoy all aspects of your life, your family, your job and financial wealth, but it all starts with taking care of yourself FIRST and claiming your greatest treasure, your own Health.

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